Paediatric Dentistry

Many parents don’t understand the value and importance of their children’s primary teeth (milk teeth). Primary teeth are important in developing speech, eating habits and of course appearance but are more important in guiding permanent teeth, which develop underneath them, into their correct positions.

If a young child’s primary tooth has to be taken out too early due to decay, before natural exfoliation (naturally falling out), then the guide for the permanent successor is lost. The space available for the permanent tooth can be reduced, resulting in crowding or misalignment of the permanent tooth which might result in orthodontic treatment (braces) needed at a later stage.

We encourage all parents to get their children familiar with the dentist from as early as possible and always maintain checkups twice a year. Fillings, fissure sealants and fluoride treatment are vital for our paediatric patients so that we can avoid extracting teeth too early.


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